Wool Laundry Balls with Essential Oils!

18 Nov

Why we no longer use dryer sheets:

We’ve been using wool balls & essential oils in place of dryer sheets for about 2 years! This is why:

*Think of how many you use & throw away in a year! That’s a LOT of waste for our planet.
*They smell great sure but those scents aren’t natural. They’re chemicals & toxins that we’re wearing on our clothes causing headaches, allergies etc!
*They can gum up your vents causing major damage.
*Energy efficiency- using our wool balls, they absorb a lot of the moisture making drying time lessened & saving electricity!
*Cost effective- I spent a 1 time fee on my dryer balls & the essential oils I use I get a 25% discount on & they have MULTIPLE uses- this is just 1!

So, thinking twice about those dryer sheets now?
Have questions? Let me know how I can help you start saving $$, energy, your health and our planet!

Oils you can use:





Melaleuca (Tea Tree)



Wild Orange



Citrus Bliss

AND SO MANY MORE!! These are just to name a few! Get creative and mix a few together to create your own blend!

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