"Wake Up" DIY Body Wash

25 Aug

Wake Up DIY Body Wash:

I am so tired of paying for products that are mostly made with chemicals, toxins, harsh scents & topped off with mostly water....no thanks!

We think we're getting a great deal from the store but the products are so fake that there is no benefits to using them!

I decided to make my own body wash that is not only all natural, but also helps with my emotions & energy!

So I used: 

Dr. Bronner's unscented castile soap since I am adding my own scents to it. I filled my glass pump bottle about 1/4 of the way with it.

Jojoba Oil from Baja Basics (Find them on Instagram @bajabasics) 

Doterra essential oils

5 drops each of Wild Orange & Tangerine to boost mood, energy & an invigorating scent

5 drops of Ylang Ylang to awaken the Inner Child. A very playful, fun scent

3 drops of Lavender for skin benefits & a calming aroma

I got my glass pump bottle from Grove Collaborative

I love replacing my household products like cleaners etc with all natural homemade ones! It's fun & I feel better about what I'm putting in/on/around my body & around my family! We have been so conditioned to just go to a store and buy what we need instead of taking the time to make them making sure the ingredients used are actually good for us!

Get your essential oils here!