All Natural Dry Shampoo

02 Sep

Loving this ALL NATURAL dry shampoo recipe!

I quit using aerosols in our home. It’s full of carcinogenic chemicals & is super toxic for our environment as well (you want your planet to be healthy & sustainable for your children and your children’s children right?)
So making my own earthy natural products, I have noticed our allergies have decreased & I’ve been more alert, waking up more motivated & ready to go!

In this amazing recipe, I found the glass container with the wooden spoon at Hobby Lobby for $4

Organic ArrowRoot powder super cheap on Amazon $7

If you’re a brunette or darker hair, you can add cacao powder

For the essential oils I used
* Melaleuca (tea tree) for dry scalp, dandruff etc.
* Lavender for healthy hair & growth
* Lemon for lighter colored, blonde hair
* Ylang Ylang for a fun smell
* Cedarwood for healthy hair

*Rosemary to stimulate hairgrowth

If you're looking to start ridding your home of toxic chemicals& carcinogens and return to our primal ways of creating our own products, reach out and lets chat!!

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