9 signs of unhealed trauma

26 Mar

Trauma. You've heard about it, right? Our minds tend to think about the ER shows of car accidents, gun shot wounds etc. These are definitely examples of trauma but did you know that trauma can come in other forms as well.

You see your parents divorce at age 13- mom or dad leaves and you never see them again: Trauma.

You've been a toxic relationship and your partner was abusive either physically, mentally or emotionally: Trauma.

Bullying at any age: Trauma.

When we experience this trauma at a younger age or more recent age, our brains don't know how to handle it so it goes on overload and shuts down- numbs if you will. This numbing keeps happening as we get older. As we go about our lives, we tend to stay in a victim hood as we feel this is protection from being hurt again. This is a result of keeping that trauma deep down and not bringing it to the surface to be worked through and healed. And when we don't shine a light on this trauma to be able to bless and release it, we stay in a state of victimhood.

Here are 9 signs that there is unhealed trauma.

1. It's difficult to find the joy in life's little pleasures. You want to but you just can't seem to.

2. Mini addictions that fill you up but never fulfill you. Vices left and right.

3. Trust doesn't come easily... like ever.

4. Putting other's well being before your own well being- you always come last.

5. Restless mind all the time... no "off switch"

6. Taking compliments is a struggle. 

7. Constant low self talk/talking down about yourself.

8. Needing to be in control ALWAYS! 

9. Always on alert- doesn't matter where, when, who or what.

Just because you experience one or all of these doesn't mean there's ANYTHING WRONG with you! This simply means you've been disconnected from you essence and your true self. We came into this world enough and deserving to be loved, appreciated, cared for and manifest anything our hearts and minds can think of but it's when we've experienced trauma in some way or have had BS beliefs placed on us is when we become disconnected from who we really, truly are. You ARE worthy of putting yourself first, feeling love, manifesting greatness and smiling--- you MUST believe it for yourself and know that the trauma doesn't have to stay within you.