Courtney Faye Maguire

Courtney Faye Maguire

Self-love junkie, women's empowerment and mind set coach and holistic healing advocate.

Hello, fellow free spirits! My name is Courtney Maguire. I have an Associate's Degree in Science. I'm a wife and a mama of 3 fur babes that are my WORLD! Through out my life so far, much like  you, I've experienced some trauma and tough situations. At the age of 18, I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy that paralyzed the right side of my face and my beautiful smile was no more. I went to college and moved in and out of homes with grandparents, friends, a boyfriend. That relationship ended badly. I worked 2 jobs and went to college. All of these things stayed in my mind. I did end up finding an awesome guy who I married and got a house with. Life was great! One day, instant panic and fear washed over me! I couldn't shake it. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and was put on medication. EVEN THOUGH life was GOOD!! I have come to learn through awesome mentors, books, articles and blogs that I had some inner work to do. I had to stop dwelling on the shitty situations. I had to learn to get the negative things out of my head! 

I've learned to journal, meditate, talk to God and the Universe. 
The point being-no MATTER the ugly shit you've gone through, you're not alone. You DON'T deserve that. You DESERVE happiness, bliss and prosperity. You just have to do the inner work!
Never forget how SPECIAL you are. You are still blooming into something gorgeous even though you're blooming from mud!
I've found a wonderful husband that is definitely the Ying to my Yang. I've learned to better myself and in turn, I better tye relationships I have with my parents, family and friends. It takes inner work, a-freaking-lot of it, but in time, you grow through what you go through!